TIG MANAGE is a customizable framework for either complete or partial management of your IT infrastructure. TIG MANAGE also includes a range of pre-bundled solutions aligned with our Practice areas of expertise.

All offerings are tailored specifically to meet the requirements of your organization. Our team will work with you to design a program that meet your needs and your budget without requiring you to fit our business or pricing model.

The following sections outline some of the available options. Contact Us today to begin designing your TIG MANAGE solution.


EndPoint Security. Software + Management to ensure updates are occurring. All endpoints are checking in and “live”.

Firewall Management. Monitoring, Updating and Rule Changes.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Management. Software, Management and Application Setup.

Managed End Point Security Bundle. Endpoint, MFA and Application Persistence, Managed by TIG.

Security Operations Center Services. Log Monitoring, Threat Analytics Review, Event Correlation, Threat Notification and Remediation options

Cloud and Data Center IaaS and Business Continuity Services

Backup Management Services. Complete Management of Backups on premise and in the cloud.

Office 365 Management Bundle. Management, Backup, Archiving and Security for Office 365 accounts.

Resiliency as a Service. Software, Infrastructure, Testing and Management.

Azure and AWS IaaS Management. Management and Delivery of Compute, Network and Storage.

Next Gen Data Center IaaS Management and Business Continuity. Management and Delivery of Compute, Network and Storage

Enterprise Network

WiFi as a Service. Includes Access Points, Monitoring, Management and Updates.

Network Infrastructure Management. Monitoring, Management and Update of Network Devices.

Managed SD-WAN. Monitoring and manage application traffic and performance.

Unified Communications Management. Management of on premise UC Infrastructure

Unified Communications

Starter Bundle. Includes Voice Readiness Assessment, SD-WAN, Monitoring, UC Device as a Service (UCDaaS) and Dropbox

Flex Bundle. Voice Readiness and Data Security Assessments, SD-WAN, 5G LTE, Broadband, Monitoring, MS Teams Management, UCDaaS

Collaboration Suite Bundle. SD-WAN LTE, UCDaas, Voice and Security Assessments, MS Teams Management, Monitoring

Web Meeting/Conferencing. Cloud and On Premise Solutions including Management.

IT Management

Complete Management.Entirely manage your IT environment (vision, strategy, implementation, day-to-day management).

Co-Management. Augment your team by doing what you don't want to or can't do (end user support, server maintenance, data center infrastructure, etc.)

End Point Management. Completely manage your fleet of end user devices.