How to Use Managed Print Services to Optimize Office Efficiency

How to Use Managed Print Services to Optimize Office Efficiency

Standardize and consolidate your use of printers to reduce costs and increase security

As businesses grow, their use of technology changes. New workflows and processes eventually bring new applications and devices, increasingly the complexity of the IT network. In years past, those complexities were manageable. But with increasingly advanced technologies, and the growing security threat to protected data, it's becoming increasingly important for businesses to re-calibrate and re-optimize the technology on their networks. Nowhere is that more true than with print.

Typically as businesses grow, the number and size of their printers grows as well. Desktop printers get added here and there for small workgroups, then multi-function printers and copiers are added to increase capacity. In time, an array of printers is distributed across the network, often with different brands, different inks and toners, and different networking interfaces. While the printers were all sensibly deployed to fill an individual need, over time they become highly inefficient as a group and more vulnerable to attack.

Standardization and Consolidation

Efficiency in printing means users should always print on the device that has the highest rated print volume. Employees may prefer the convenience of desktop printers, but those can cost four or five times more than an appropriate workgroup or multifunction printer. Reducing desktop printers not only saves printing costs for most businesses, it also eliminates unnecessary security vulnerabilities since printers are increasingly proving the weakest link on many corporate networks.

The way to optimize your printing environment is to carefully map out the locations and needs of your users, and redeploy your printers in a way that makes it easy for users to print efficiently. Something as simple as consolidating printers from a lot of desktops to an appropriately sized workgroup printer will generate significant savings in toner, parts and maintenance. As you consolidate, standardizing on a preferred brand will deliver more savings by eliminating the headaches of managing a mixed environment.

Managed Print Services

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