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Monday, February 8, 2016




A Clear View of What You Can Achieve with Big Data

Big Data – what does it mean?  Ask 5 people, get 5 different answers as it means many different things to different people. I do believe in Big Data and the value that can be achieved as data driven decisions and applications create immense value by utilizing data sources to discover, present and operationalize important business insights.  However, what I am seeing in the marketplace is confusing as every tech company claims to have a solution for analyzing the huge amounts of data businesses create. I challenge this reality … Do these tech companies really know how to use this data?  Or are they jumping into the hype and creating what is now being dubbed “Hadumps” and “Data Swamps”?   

Here is my belief … data on its own is meaningless – period. The value of data is not the data itself – it is what you do with the data.  For data to be useful you first need to know what data you need, otherwise you just get tempted to know everything and that is not a strategy, it’s an act of desperation that is doomed to end in failure. Why go to all the time and trouble collecting data that you won’t or can’t use to deliver business insights? Focus on the things that matter the most otherwise you’ll drown in data. Data is a strategic asset but it’s only valuable if it’s used constructively and appropriately to deliver results.  

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Thursday, January 28, 2016




The power of Predictive Analytics

The Power of Predictive Analytics – Universities are turning to new data sources to identify those students who need a nudge toward success.  The promise of predictive analytics in higher education continues to entice--for good reason, it can change student and University outcomes.

In this discussion we will look at why most institutions are struggling to leverage the traditional data points they gather about students - let alone the other data sources needed to ensure actionable insights around student attraction, progression and retention. Second, we will examine why a data mix that works at one school may not be relevant at another, making it almost impossible to buy an effective packaged solution off the shelf – discussion will center on what options are available. Finally, the creepiness factor - Just how intrusive can schools be in tracking the actions of their students?  We will discuss how to protect student level data.

Or find out more at the Association of Collegiate Computing Services of Virginia

Annual Conference: March 16 - 18, 2016

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016




5 Steps to an Effective Disaster Recover Plan

Nearly three out of four organizations are at risk of failing to recover from a disaster or outage. Two thirds say their disaster recover (DR) planning did not prove useful in their worst event. Most have not documented their DR plans, have not established key metrics such as Recovery Time Objectives, Recovery Point Objectives, failover, or failback processes. Those are the disconcerting results of a survey conducted by the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council. 

You know how important your systems are to your operation so if you fall into one of those categories, it’s time to do something about it. Here is a five-step plan to get you started on developing an effective DR plan.

1. Inventory your applications and services
As a first step, you need to understand what applications and services you are going to protect under your DR plan. Begin with mission critical apps that control your financial and business processes and then move on to others that are necessary to keep your ongoing business operations up and running. After identifying these critical elements, assign priority levels to each.
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Wednesday, December 30, 2015




Overcoming 3 Challenges with a Hybrid Cloud Solution

Overcoming 3 Challenges with a Hybrid Cloud Solution

In today’s constantly evolving business climate, IT leaders are continually put under enormous pressure to adapt. While the demands grow, many times IT budgets don’t keep pace making the situation even more challenging. One way forward thinking organizations are solving this problem is through the use of hybrid cloud solutions. 

Leveraging public cloud platforms like vCloud Air from VMware allows you to meet these ever-increasing requirements in a cost effective way. According to Gartner, one out of five enterprises manage hybrid clouds today and nearly half of all organizations will adopt some form of hybrid cloud implementation by 2017.
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Thursday, March 5, 2015




Value – the 4th “V” in the Big Data Buzz

Big data is like a fashion trend: You can't turn around without seeing yet another magazine article, research report or talking head pontificating on why you can't live without it. In this case, however, the trend-pushers have a point. Case studies at the Gartner Business Intelligence Summit added to a growing body of evidence that a company's ability to collect, process and analyze large data sets could mean the difference between success and failure. Leadership -- on the IT and business side -- is key.
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