San Diego Predictive Analytics Meetup

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April 6, 2015 6:00 PM
San Diego Predictive Analytics Meetup
Hosted by TIG and Industry Pioneer and Thought Leader among predictive analytics communities in the U.S and abroad, Dean Abbott
TIG Corporate Headquarters | 10240 Flanders Court, San Diego 92121 


This meetup continues the tradition of presenting case studies to learn how to do predictive analytics. The case study will be presented by Dan Steinberg.  Developed an exclusive relationship with Leo Breiman (UC Berkeley) and Jerome Friedman (Stanford) to develop, enhance, and commercialize machine learning proprietary software, beginning in 1990. System modeling mortgage pre-payment & credit risk & valuing mortgages Chase Bank 1997.  Developed targeted marketing & credit risk models for major US banks 1997-2001. SME business credit risk models for banks in Malaysia (2004-2007). Machine learning system for on-line ad-display 2005-2007 for 1 billion impressions per day scoring 1,000 ads in 5 milliseconds for every web page visitor.  Machine learning system predicting sales of every product in 160 store chain grocery stores encompassing 122,000 products. Automatic, self-learning, cloud-based solution 
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