Wireless Security

(Wi-Fi Best Practices and Implementation Expertise)

The 802.11 family of Wireless Services has finally delivered a practical and secure solution for portable connectivity to personal and corporate data sources. Superior RF Network design and comprehensive installation services ensure that your Wi-Fi network supports emerging high-bandwidth applications such as VO-WLAN (Wireless VOIP), and remote IP cameras.

TIG Meets the Need
TIG’s comprehensive wireless services enable you to define your wireless needs, and know with certainty that the network that is ready for today’s business needs, and can handle tomorrow’s requirements. TIG’s Wi-Fi Service consultants have the expertise to assist in your immediate Wireless needs.

A Continuum of Services
Our range of wireless network services is comprehensive:

  • • Architecture Assessment
  • • Architecture Design
  • • Configuration and Installation Services
  • • Testing and Commissioning
  • • Security Assessment
  • • Site Assessment

Architecture Assessment and Design Services:

  • Business and technology needs assessment
  • Investigation and documentation of current networking infrastructure and
  • Site Survey – RF channel and Coverage plan
  • Site Sweep – Interference Analysis
  • Review of appropriate equipment, and equipment recommendation
  • Network architecture design and documentation
  • Security architecture design and documentation
Implementation Planning and Services:
  • Comprehensive Project Planning and Project Management
  • Equipment configuration and deployment
  • Cabling contractor management

Specialized Wi-Fi Design Services
Corporate infrastructure
Public infrastructure
Outdoor hot-zones
Wi-Fi telephony (VO-WLAN)
Cellular DAS/WLAN systems design
Wireless backhaul, point-to-multipoint links

Specialized Wi-Fi Security Services
Security architecture development
WPA2, EAP, Active Directory implementation
Wireless VLAN implementation
Vulnerability Scanning
Physical site scans and security audits
Remediation Services

TIG’s Wi-Fi Networking Services perfectly balance expertise, experience and quality to ensure that your wireless network will perform to world class standards, and will match your exact requirements....every time.

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